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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Noor Riyadh and accompanying exhibit at Jax keep 'artistic balance' in Saudi capital

Noor Riyadh and its accompanying exhibition From Spark To Spirit at Jax District constitute an artistic balance in Saudi Arabia's capital, according to Ghaida AlMogren, who is a curator in the exhibition.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, AlMogren, a Saudi interior architect, stated that the Jax exhibition is distinguished by its contribution to increasing human interaction with artworks. As the way of interacting with nearby works differs, it enables art lovers to see the finer details of the artwork from close up, maintaining greater intimacy.

The exhibition is a closed-door event unlike Noor Riyadh, which turned the whole city into an open exhibition. Visitors to Noor Riyadh will be able to enjoy the artworks even in the morning, especially since all works depend on light.

AlMogren said the opening event of Noor Riyadh in the presence of many international artists and the global media have contributed to introducing the attendees to the culture of Saudi Arabia closely, as well as the opportunities exist in the Kingdom.

"This cross-cultural dialogue is what we need, on the economy, for example. It will open the doors to many international artists who want to enter this field, especially in the local market," she said.

AlMogren stressed that having a festival like the Noor Riyadh will not only shed light on the cultural and art scene in Riyadh, but will also shed light on the whole of Saudi Arabia.

AlMogren is a co-curator with Neville Wakefield in the Spark to Spirit exhibition. Wakefield is a writer and curator interested in exploring the ways in which art behaves outside of institutional contexts.

From Spark to Spirit exhibition, which is part of Noor Riyadh activity, held at the JAX 03, will run until Feb 4, 2023. It comprises 30 artists, about half of them international artists and the rest Saudi artists.

The exhibition is full of interesting experiences and is suitable for visitors of all ages, both art enthusiasts and others.

From Spark to Spirit exhibition is divided into three parts: the first is the Technologies of Light, the second is the Architectonics of Light, and the third is the Consciousness of Light.

The biggest Saudi light and art festival, which is held under the theme “We Dream of New Horizons”, kicked off on November 3, and will illuminate Saudi Arabia's capital for the next 17 days.

More than 130 artists from 40 countries are taking part in the current edition of Noor Riyadh with over 190 of their artworks across 40 locations and five main hubs. Noor Riyadh this year will hold more than 500 activities, including talks, workshops, art trails, creative experiences, and live music, and many more.


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