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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

Saudi Arabia, UAE review experiments in communication

Saudi Arabia, UAE review experiments in communication

A delegation from the Center for Government Communication (CGC) in the Ministry of Media in Saudi Arabia has visited the headquarters of UAE Government Media Office. The visit was on the sidelines of the official visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy prime minister and minister of defense, to the UAE.
During the visit, both sides reviewed experiences of the media work with the government apparatuses in each country and implemented media campaigns, where the Saudi delegates reviewed their media experience during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which included the administration of media operations room, planning for campaigns, coordinating among government institutions and with other media outlets, producing creative works, and keeping pace with the latest developments.

The Saudi delegation provided a presentation on CGC’s projects in 2021, which targeted realizing a positive transformation in the government communication sector through organizing the periodic press conference of CGC, supervising the organization of the periodic press conference to follow up on the updates of the COVID-19 pandemic, and launching the “Mutahadithon” (Speakers) project with its two editions.

For their part, UAE officials reviewed the stages of establishing the office and government call center in 2008, the experience of working on developing government slogans and unifying them in the UAE, in addition to works related to implementing the visual ID, developing guidelines for using social media outlets, and a system for spokespeople.

Undersecretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Media for Communications Dr. Abdullah Al-Maghlouth said that the communication work experience in both centers and similar roles make the visit enriching in terms of exchanging knowledge expertise at all levels, getting acquainted with the latest practices in the fields, the most important tools in activating the communication work, connecting the public opinion with what official institutions provide, and ensuring interaction with national occasions and events.

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