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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Saudi man jumps into lake to save a child from drowning

Saudi man jumps into lake to save a child from drowning

A Saudi man managed to save the life of a 5-year-old girl from drowning after she fell into a lake in Jubail Industrial City.
People interacted on social media after the video clip of the Saudi citizen went viral. The clip documented the heroic act capturing the man at the moment he rescued the girl.

Speaking to Sabq newspaper, citizen Ali Al-Marri said that he was on a picnic with his family, in Al-Tilal Park in Jubail Industrial City, and then he heard women screaming for help to rescue a girl who had fallen into the lake.

He said that he quickly jumped into the lake without any hesitation, despite the attempts of a woman to save her, but she could not.

He said that reached the child and held on to her before swimming to the shore. The ambulance arrived quickly to provide the girl with necessary first aid.

Al-Marri sustained an injury while saving the girl's life, but he stressed that it was not important as long as he saved a soul from death.

He added that his ‘heroic act was a humanitarian duty’.

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