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Thursday, Dec 08, 2022

Saudi metal music enthusiast turns artwork into business

Saudi illustrator and metal music enthusiast Narees Akbar, who enjoyed creating art for fun, found herself running a business when her designs became popular, both in the Kingdom and abroad.
Akbar has always been skilled at creating symmetrical designs freehand, and she works intuitively without using any references.

“I started doing these designs for fun in my early 20s, and they developed in the last couple of years. That’s when I started getting commissions for my work,” Akbar told Arab News.

Akbar’s clients are mostly foreigners who use her drawing as tattoo designs. Locally, Saudi metal bands such as Entropia, Ortoraton, Doomster, Metarust and Corvidae requested her art to use as their logos.

Explaining the process, Akbar said that it takes time to create such finely detailed art, as she sketches on paper first before transforming her designs into digital products.

“I begin by asking the clients if they have a particular style in mind and, depending on their response, I create a few preliminary sketches on paper. Once they decide, I switch to digital design and keep them updated throughout the process. It typically takes four to seven business days, depending on the complexity of the logo,” she said.

With her unique style, Akbar aspires to become a well-known Saudi logo designer. “I want to be known more in Saudi Arabia as a logo designer, and I aim to have my own clothing line,” she said.

To see more of Akbar’s art, check out her Instagram @nars_sanity.

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