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Monday, Aug 15, 2022

Scouts successfully guide 3,390 missing pilgrims on Eid day

Scouts successfully guide 3,390 missing pilgrims on Eid day

Scouts on duty, affiliated to the Saudi Scouts Association, have successfully guided as many as 3390 missing pilgrims, it was reported Sunday.
During 520 field sorties Saturday, the scouts led a multinational total of 3,390 missing male and female pilgrims to their destinations, out of them 1,313 were settled in their camps and 2,077 given advice and shown the way, the report said.

More than 110 scouts were on duty from six sites in Mina valley where pilgrims are to stay from two to three days after the peak of Hajj in Arafat valley.

Meanwhile, the Information Technology Center in the public service camps held by the Scouts Association in Makkah and the Holy Sites to serve pilgrims has introduced two new initiatives that contribute to facilitating Hajj guidance operations within the framework of the comprehensive mechanisms pursued by the association for digital transformation.

The two initiatives included the automated guidance service using the WhatsApp application, while the second initiative provides guidance and translation service on the Zoom application.

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