Should domestic workers be kept off Saudi Arabia?

The government should stop exporting domestic workers to Saudi Arabia over the rising cases of mistreatment.
The ban should remain in place until we are sure of the safety of Kenyans there.

The government has a constitutional responsibility to protect all its citizens, including those outside the country.

It is sad when we read harrowing details about how some workers have been mistreated in Saudi Arabia, with some of them even getting maimed or losing their lives in the hands of their employers.

Any caring government will act when its citizens are hurt. Life is very precious and cannot be replaced.

I know times are hard, but I also think it is important that young people are sensitised on the dangers of going to some Middle East countries.

A job is not worth someone’s limb or life. You should not die simply because you are desperate for a job.

They can explore self-employment here and get their much-needed financial breakthrough.