Social media users from Shahin Shahr, Isfahan are reporting a loud explosion-like noise and a red light in the sky.

According to local reports on social media, a shockwave was sensed in Shahin Shahr, Isfahan province of Iran. Some report it was an earthquake which is possibly not the case as there were no reports by the Iranian Seismological Center. Also, some people reported it as a blast.
Mysterious explosion sound heard across Shahin Shahr in Isfahan province, Coordinates: 32°52′N 51°34′E. Residents described the sound like an explosion and their windows started shaking as well as the sky turning red!

The following neighbourhoods in Shahin Shahr residents are reporting they’ve heard a huge explosion sound and their houses and windows started shaking; Ferdowsi, Taleghani, Aref, Attar, North Hafez, Modares, Samsh Tabrizi (east) and Kooye Karmandan…