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Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Solar Roof ATUM Is IEC Standard Compliant

Solar Roof ATUM Is IEC Standard Compliant

The world's first and India-made integrated Solar Roofing System is now IEC Standard Compliant and permissible for on grid approvals. ATUM Solar Roof was launched in Dubai by Uncle's Shop — one of the oldest establishments in Dubai set up in 1922.
Yash Bhatia, director, Uncle's Shop, said:“Today we have taken a step ahead into sustainability and green energy as I am delighted to officially announce that our ATUM Solar Roof is now IEC Standard Compliant. This will further open doors to a new technology in the solar industry especially with its applications with warehouses, logistics centres, solar charging stations, hospitals, schools, car parking, green areas, commercial and residential with on grid options.'
Yash Bhatia, director, Uncle's Shop.

ATUM is an Integrated Solar Roofing System that serves all the functions of a traditional roof whilst generating energy. It can withstand wind speeds above 250 kmph and is certified to withstand hail & snow and is all-weather-resistant. It is over 40 per cent more efficient than traditional solar panels and has an ROI of just under five years. Furthermore, it is Class A Fire Rated and shock proof.

ATUM Solar is ideal for any residential, commercial, and industrial space and comes from the house of Visaka which is known for its sustainable products such as Vnext Fibre Cement Boards, The Wonder Yarn, ATUM Charge solar powered EV charging station, ATUM Life Sustainable Experience Centre. ATUM has patents in India, US, and South Africa.

'We are very proud to have received IEC Standard Compliance. It's a process that has been in the offing for a while and to have finally been approved speaks a lot about our product and the entire team at ATUM and their dedication,' said Vamsi Gaddam, ATUM inventor and joint managing director Visaka Industries Limited.

Vamsi Gaddam, ATUM inventor and joint managing director Visaka Industries Limited.

'Inventing ATUM is an accomplishment I take much pride in. Not only is it an inspired solution to tackle climate change, but the product itself redefines the solar industry due its ability to function both as a roof and solar panel and being far more efficient than traditional panels. Furthermore, for an Indian product like ATUM to be approved for wide use globally shows that we're on par with the west when it comes to our collective quest for a sustainable planet. I'd also like to extend my thanks to our UAE Partners Uncle's Shop & its team in helping Visaka gain wide visibility across the UAE and GCC,” added Gaddam.

The first project was initiated with Sharjah Investment Authority for construction of a new mosque at Khrofakkan beach, which has ATUM Solar Roof. The project was successfully handover and is fully operational now.

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