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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Viral video shows Saudi driver causing havoc on Riyadh road

Security forces have arrested a Saudi man who hit at least 11 vehicles while driving in the wrong direction on a public road in Riyadh.
A video clip showing the man’s reckless driving went viral on social media. The incident caused outrage among Saudis.

Attempts were made by security men and witnesses on the scene to stop him but to no avail. People at the scene smashed the windows of the car with sticks in order to force the driver to stop, but he continued to drive, deliberately hitting cars along the way. At least 11 moving and parked cars were damaged in the incident.

The Riyadh police spokesman said in a statement that the two security men will face penal action for dereliction of duty in handling the issue.

The spokesman said the prima facie indications showed that the man was in an abnormal condition and tried to endanger other road users during his failed attempt to escape the scene. “The legal procedures against him were completed, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution,” he said.

Hours after the initial statement, Riyadh police issued another statement stating that an investigation was conducted into the role of two security men who were at the scene.

It was found that the two officers failed to discharge the duty assigned to them in stopping the offender, as required by the situation, by shooting at the tires of his car and thus protecting the lives and property of the public. “Lapses were found on their part and hence they will face prosecution,” the statement added.

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