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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mecca's Grand Mosque Imam Advises Muslims to Fear Allah and Worship Him

Mecca's Grand Mosque Imam Advises Muslims to Fear Allah and Worship Him

The esteemed Imam and Preacher of the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Maher bin Hamad Al-Muaiqly, has advised Muslims to fear Allah, worship Him, and draw closer to Him through obedience to His will, avoiding His displeasures and prohibitions.
In his Friday sermon held at the Grand Mosque today, he stated, "Allah, blessed and exalted be He, did not create beings to boast among them or to increase His creation out of scarcity. He is the Great, the Most High, the Bestower, the Generous, 'He who is dominant over His servants, and He is the Wise, the Aware' (Quran). As reported in Sahih Muslim, Allah the Almighty says in a Qudsi Hadith: 'O my servants, you can neither harm nor benefit Me. O my servants, if the first and the last of you, your humans and jinn, were as pious as the most pious heart among you, that would not increase My kingdom in anything. O my servants, if the first and the last of you, your humans and jinn, were as wicked as the most wicked heart among you, that would not decrease My kingdom in anything.'" The Imam emphasized that Allah has created creation for His worship alone, with no partners, as this is the purpose for which Allah created jinn and mankind, as He said: 'I have only created jinn and men, that they may serve Me' (Quran), and He sent His messengers and revealed His books to affirm this truth.

He added, "Worshipping Allah is a rightful duty upon His servants, for the sake of which scales were set, books were spread, and Heaven and Hell were established. People are divided into believers and disbelievers, the pious and the wicked, based on their adherence or negligence of worship, which fundamentally is the acknowledgment of the oneness of Allah. Allah has enriched His book with evidence, examples, and clear signs of His unique right to be worshipped, citing, 'Say: "Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?" Say: "It is Allah."' (Quran).

The Imam further elaborated on the transformative effects of sincere worship on a believer's life, including contentment of the heart, enlightenment of the face, and a life marked by faith and obedience. He underscored the role of prayer in alleviating hardships and seeking relief, borrowing words from the Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that illustrate the comfort and refuge a believer finds in his prayers.

In a poignant reminder, he stressed that the essence of worship extends beyond Islamic rituals to include good character, kindness to neighbors, and all actions beloved to Allah, whether of the heart, tongue, or limbs. The Imam concluded by highlighting the comprehensive nature of worship in Islam, which encompasses everything that Allah loves and is pleased with, showcasing the breadth of deeds that are considered acts of worship, from the ritualistic to the mundane, done with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure.

He concluded his sermon urging Muslims to take their worship seriously, perfect it, and magnify its rituals, as reverence for the signs of Allah is a reflection of the piety of hearts, reminding the community of the essential conditions for the acceptance of worship: sincerity to Allah and adherence to the Prophet's example.

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