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Friday, Jan 28, 2022

People urged to avoid traveling outside Saudi Arabia due to omicron 

People urged to avoid traveling outside Saudi Arabia due to omicron 

People in Saudi Arabia have been urged to avoid traveling outside the country due to the surge in coronavirus cases fueled by the omicron variant, with people arriving in the Kingdom recommended to follow preventative measures such as wearing face masks, avoiding crowded public spaces, and taking a PCR test if needed.
Saudi Arabia’s Public Health Authority (Weqaya) also urged all people arriving in the country, including those who are fully vaccinated, to avoid social contact for at least five days.

Weqaya’s executive director Dr. Abdullah Al-Gwizani said Saudi Arabia had seen an increased number of COVID-19 infections, including some omicron ones.

He also said studies had shown that booster shots increased the level of protection 25 times more than two doses of a vaccine, a bid to encourage those who were eligible for vaccination to come forward and receive it.

These concerns reiterated the importance of having both doses and obtaining a booster shot, according to Ministry of Health spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly.

He spoke of a concerning turn of events, with Saudi Arabia’s epidemic curve seeing a rise in cases as of Dec. 15 due to people easing up on preventive coronavirus measures.

“Looking at the epidemic curve throughout the year, we went through a fluctuating period and showed a steady decline in the past few months.

Unfortunately, the curve began to rise again and it’s a concern. We must do our diligent duty and care for the people, adhere to health and safety protocols, and ensure that you complete your vaccinations and receive your booster shot,” he said.

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