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Monday, Sep 26, 2022

Saudi Commerce Ministry launches 10 initiatives to evolve e-stores

Saudi Commerce Ministry launches 10 initiatives to evolve e-stores

The Ministry of Commerce has announced the launch of 10 initiatives to develop electronic stores in Saudi Arabia.
The ministry stated that the 10 initiatives were launched in response to public demand to develop the sector.

The first of the 10 initiatives were: Obligating e-stores to add all information related to the warranty and to communicate with the product’s agent.

E-stores must expand the geographical coverage of delivery gradually, in order to cover all the regions in Saudi Arabia and not limit to the main cities.

The ministry asked e-stores to diversify the shipping and delivery options to ensure there is no delay in the delivery. They must also provide different payment solutions such as Mada, credit cards and others.

Among the initiatives, the ministry demanded e-stores to offer technical solutions to manage and follow up on refunds. In addition, they must simplify the procedures for canceling orders and ensure there is no confusion among consumers regarding the procedures.

E-stores are obligated to submit periodic reports to the Ministry of Commerce containing performance measurement indicators. In addition, they must launch campaigns to raise consumer awareness.

The ministry stated that the electronic store should make videos for products that help in clarifying its features and the ways to use them. It asked the e-stores to employ technology in developing replacement and retrieval systems.

It has also revealed the most notable challenges that consumers face in the e-stores sector, the first of which is a lack of clarity in the warranty and maintenance policies.

Among the challenges is the delay in handling and fixing the complaint, the lack of a delivery service for some regions of the Kingdom and the delay in returning the money to consumers in case of a refund.

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