Bennett receives 3rd COVID-19 Shot as Israel extends booster campaign

Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, Israel's Prime Minister's Office said.
Earlier on Friday, the Israeli health ministry lowered the eligibility age for the third dose of the vaccine from 50 to 40, following the recent sharp increase in COVID-19 morbidity in the country.

Thus, 49-year-old Bennett arrived at Meir Medical Center in central Israel where he received the shot. He called on the Israeli public to get vaccinated.
"If everyone gets vaccinated, we can avoid a fourth nationwide lockdown," the prime minister said. "We are at the peak of the battle, and together we can win".

According to the health ministry's decision, teachers, healthcare workers and pregnant women of all ages can also receive the third dose from now on.

Bennett said he expects the third dose to be opened to all residents later for those who received the second dose at least five or six months earlier.

So far, nearly 1.27 million people in Israel have been vaccinated with the third dose. 5.88 million have already received the first shot, and nearly 5.44 million the second one.